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Cold weather

Re: Cold weather

Postby M-E » Mon Jan 23, 2017 10:02 am

Still frozen up here but hopefully it's starting thaw, tap frozen again this morning and yes the blighters where out :hissyfit: lead Tiky bad across the fields this morning with Brett wandering god know where, so if nothing else my leading confidence is doing rather well :lol: also I managed to get Cliff interested in the electrics, looks like the cable between main box and fence had got damaged some how so the box was putting out lots of power but none arriving at the fence, we now have a new cable and a good hit of power in the fence so a massive :crossfingers: that it will stop them
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Re: Cold weather

Postby spottygiraffe » Sat Jan 28, 2017 6:22 pm

Nice idea for a thread, Sheila.

Foxes taking headcollars? That is so weird! My headcollars disappear from the gates but I know it's Mav, who likes to play with them.

Glad to hear everyone is managing through the cold spell. Poor Darwin -lice must be itchy as hell.

We had temperatures as low as -11 and the taps (even in the house) froze 3 times, but that's the only problem I've had to deal with. The horses are really fluffy and they have a few fat stores still :oops:

Yesterday we had a crazy wind whip up out of nowhere that shredded part of the electric fence, but I was at home and fixed it straight away. It was only the bottom wire anyway so not too unsafe.
Sarah x

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Re: Cold weather

Postby JennieF » Sat Jan 28, 2017 7:04 pm

We had that horrid wind here too yesterday Sarah - and being on the top of a hill it really whips across - haven't been down in the woods to see if i lost any trees yet ...

Darwin is so much happier now ... every time he starts scratching I do him with the louse powder again ... almost run out and they dont do it here ... the vet wants me to wash them with Butox once a week for a month ... which I will do as they are all a bit itchy, but not until the weather gets a bit warmer ...

Talking of foxes taking things ... I keep finding dog toys out in the fields and in the woods ... the dogs never go into the fields and don't take toys when we go out so it has to be foxes stealing them !!!
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Re: Cold weather

Postby littlewhitehorse » Sun Jan 29, 2017 1:33 pm

I ahve found kids toys down the bottom of the field too, the gite guests' children leave them out atnight near the pool, I thought it was passing dogs but obviously it is foxes :lol: I must be careful not to leave headcollars lying around then :roll: how funny, would love to see them at it :lol:

I have turned all the outside taps on again as the forecast is milder next week, probably back to mud and rain :roll:

That wind was very boring :evil: but the girls looked cute with their tails in hhe air, manes blowing, running round the field, it certainly woke them up an dgave them a bit of exercise :lol:
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